I Am Less Stressed and Have Learned to Slow Down

“Randi is a burst of positive energy. The Dragon's Way Qigong® is the most unique way I have ever approached nutrition! Each week I looked forward to Randi introducing new Qigong Movements to accompany learning about the 5 Element Theory and how they affect different organ systems within our bodies. Her freedom in the kitchen, combining different foods that went along with that week's theme was truly amazing. Her kitchen creations inspired me to be more experimental in my own cooking. The movements helped me with balance, coordination, and stress reduction. Randi encourages questions and answers in a way that encourages discussion as well as introspective searching.  At the end of 6 weeks you will know so much more than just 10 movements.  It's a class that allows you to gently push yourself to grow in a climate of rush rush rush. The Dragon's Way Qigong® is a wonderful way to slow down and Randi is an excellent teacher to facilitate the journey.”

~Tiffany B. (Nurse) ~

Less Physical Therapy Needed

“I am not someone who is usually comfortable with hands-on, physical contact from any outside sources. Randi is truly wonderful in communication a safe and relaxing environment while creating a healing current of energy!!! It is amazing! Oh, I forgot to tell you the most important thing . . . for the first time since I've been going to physical therapy, my physical therapist said the swelling in my ankle has improved drastically!! And now I only have about 4 weeks left of physical therapy instead of 10! Thank you so much Randi.”

~ Maura B.~

I Am Much Calmer Since I Started Dragon's Way Qigong®

“I think the Dragon’s Way Qigong® has penetrated my very being…I am shocked…The person I work for just threw a text tirade…I did not get mad, angry, sad or anything actually. I felt nothing at all…In the past, I have gotten super insulted, mad, upset, you name it. I had nothing, nada, no sense and no feeling. I texted two appropriate responses and that was it. I did not text tirade (as I have had in the past), I just explained myself nicely and calmly and left it at that. Sam (my daughter) is amazed right now that I am not throwing a tantrum in response. I am as well. This is amazing to me. I have strived for this way of being my whole life and it is finally coming to fruition.

…I am doing the Dragon’s Way Qigong® movements everywhere. I do them in the laundry room, the kitchen, when students are stressing me out before upcoming concerts and auditions. They are great! I even did a few at the checkout counter of the supermarket, while waiting to be seen by a doctor and in Men’s Warehouse while waiting for my son’s suit to get steamed. I’ve done yoga for many years, and these movements beat yoga any day.” 

~Sarita M. (Musician) ~

Pain from Congenital Spinal Stenosis

“Physically I have to deal with daily back and limb extremity pain, and numbness due to severe Congenital Spinal Stenosis. I have had to undergo two neurosurgeries to maintain mobility. Despite some degree of limitation, I am committed to remain an active person…But the pain caused by the stenosis is a constant daily reminder of a chronic condition with no real cure…I spent two years strengthening my core with Pilates-based physical therapy…Regarding pain management, I decided to move beyond relying on pain relievers like Motrin to more active and natural approaches to pain management…I had never experienced energy healing before and was not sure what to expect…From the very first session I was amazed at what I experienced. Almost instantly I experienced an unusual feeling of healing warmth that was pleasant and very focused; for example,…going from my navel straight through my core to my back, actually heating up the table I was lying on. Other feelings such as whole-body rushes, feelings of releasing and balancing or ‘rightness’ were felt. Randi is a great practitioner and has an uncanny way of not only directing this deeply felt energy but knowing where it is most needed. I was surprised that Randi seemed to know of areas where I was currently experiencing issues or had experienced damage in the past, many times without even telling her. Overall, I have felt extremely relaxed from the sessions I have had, with improved deeper sleep and a heightened connection with my environment and myself. My days have actually improved with an elevated energy level. I would highly recommend…an overall holistic approach to better living.”

~Philip B.~

Yoga Instuctors May Experience Discomfort Too

“Teaching many yoga classes a day can prove itself to be anything but a relaxing proposition - sometimes it is down right strenuous. It doesn't happen often, but when I do stretch myself into a pretzel, I need help and I've found rescue in Randi's hands on a few occasions…Randi has helped bring energy to sore muscles in my body that would ordinarily take days to heal on their own. She's a wonderful healer and I am glad to have her close by for those times I'm not feeling yogic.”

~Jennifer S.

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